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Caring for All of Your Sports and Celebrity Autographs is Essential

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Caring for all of your sports and celebrity autographs is essential if you want them to remain in great condition. Caring for your Al Pacino autograph is even more important due to the uniqueness of this type of collectible. In essence, autographs are ink marks, perhaps pencil marks, that are scribed on paper and other items as well. And if you have dealt with autographs in the past, then you are aware that they will fade unless properly stored. If you are in need of some solutions to your autograph collection concerning storage, then here are some tips.

Acid Free

Whether you choose cardboard folders, plastic bags or frames to display your autographs, you need to ensure the material you use are acid free. Standard materials are made with components that release acid over time, which will make your photographs and other memorabilia fade and otherwise disintegrate. So make sure the materials you choose are clearly marked acid free.

Low Humidity

Humidity causes moisture, which will most certainly cause devastation to any type of paper. Keep your autographs free from humidity by storing them in a cool, dark and dry environment.

Hang With Care

When framing your autograph, make sure all the components are acid free, and ensure the autograph isn’t touching the glass as it will eventually adhere to it. When you hang your frame, make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight, as this will cause fading.

All The Right Materials

When making repairs to autographed photos or other documents, never use tape as it will eventually destroy the materials. It is recommended you have tears and other damage repaired by a professional, which is a smart investment that will better preserve your collection.

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